What is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is the astrology of place. You may also have heard astrocartography referred to as, astrogeography and locational or relocation astrology. It’s all the same thing my friends!

Astrologers will examine and map out astrological influences of specific locations on the globe, based on where the planets were located at the moment of your birth.

Astrocartography can help pinpoint supportive energies along with challenging places on earth for us human beings.


Intuitive Astrocartography Readings

Jenelle will use a snapshot (natal chart) of where all the planets were located in the sky at the very moment that was recorded when you took your first breath upon entering this realm. The exact day, time, and place of birth are extremely important for maximum accuracy during your natal chart reading.

Familiarizing ourselves with your cosmic blueprint of the natal chart, alongside the Astrocartography chart, assists us in better comprehending the planetary influences. This allows up to explore global locations on the planet that align with your highest vibrational best self.

Astrocartography readings are very helpful for those that may have an urge to relocate or travel. It’s a supportive tool to determine where in the world is the best place energetically to optimize specific areas of your life.

  • Jenelle will utilize data surrounding desired places of your choosing (You may choose 5 places)
  • You can harness planetary energies through travel to certain locations across the globe. Unable to travel? No worries! We can still tap into the energies and lessons of a location from the comfort of your own home.
  • Planning a vacation? Jenelle can help find your bestest and dreamiest location for optimal relaxation and fun.
  • We can focus on specific locations you have lived, traveled to or felt called to.
  • Deciding on a school? Jenelle can uncover a great location to optimize your study and focus.
  • Jenelle will also reveal your top cities around the globe for health + healing, romance and prosperity.
  • Jenelle will share your annual profection year. Annual profections are a timing technique that pinpoints a specific area of your natal chart that is essentially “turned on” once you reach a certain age.
  • In your reading Jenelle will also give insight into your soul purpose with uncovering your North & South Node placement. Awareness of your North Node placement will help align you on your journey so that you can have the life of your dreams!

**My Astrocartography readings harness my knowledge of ancient astrological wisdom along with working in unison with my own intuitive gift. I’m here as a guide to help you understand your cosmic soul path and remind you of your innate inner magic. Together we will uncover the planetary energies that await you. Using your personal cosmic blueprint to elevate and assist in understanding your truly magical self.