Aloha friends,

I’m Jenelle and I live on Oahu. For those of you not familiar with me, lemme introduce myself!

I have been part of the health and wellness industry for over 10+ years now. It all started with me opening an organic green smoothie business out of my super cute retrofitted Airstream Trailer which quickly expanded when I began offering cold-pressed juices. Which then led me to open the very first brick n’ mortar organic cold-pressed juicery in Vancouver, Canada many moons ago. I relocated my business to Oahu 7 years ago. I continued to grow my organic cold-pressed juicery business into offering organic açaí bowls and adaptogenic elixirs with great success on the island.

It has been quite a journey to this point. With the unexpected tragic passing of my daughters’ father recently, it caused me to pause and reflect on what I truly wanted to do with my life. With a renewed sense of direction, I was just getting going again and then COVID-19 hit the planet, which then prompted yet an even larger unexpected shift in our world, a global pandemic will do that to you. With a continued focus on keeping my family’s immunity and health on point I hit the books and deepened my herbal knowledge and became a certified Clinical Herbalist. Herbalism has been a deep passion of mine through the years. I always found away to integrate herbs through my past businesses in some way.

I feel I have now been called to work with plants and people on a much deeper level than just offering juices and raw food. This next chapter feels like such a natural progression for my wellness journey and my desire to continually support the health + wellness of those in my community and beyond.

I’m offering small batch tinctures, tonics, teas and elixirs that are handcrafted with the finest organic ingredients, mindfully crafted under the guidance of planets, stars, and the moon.

I totally feel there is a huge shift happening globally and it seems we are more open to exploring ways to use plant medicines to help keep our health and the health our families and friends in check.

I’m here to help support your exploration and connection to finding your very own herbal plant allies in the quest of optimal health and well-being.

Be well my friends!